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Shastri Ratan Chatterjee B.Sc, Diploma Engg, Master Of Astro-palmisry, Jyotish Sastri Jyotirbid (Medalist), Jyotish Ratan Chatterjee K.P method (Harary), Palmistry, Hindu Horoscope Making And Expart Of Traditional Vastu-Art.

Former Professor:- Indian institute of Astrology /Kolkata. Principal: Vivekananda of Vedic Astrology Kolkata.

Right From Childhood he had the power to Predict and he continuously pursued astrology and allied subjects with great vigour. Ratan chatterjee specialises in all forms of astrological pridictions and has a special knack for Horary astrology. Horary astrology, a branch of Hindu astology is mysterious, Perfect, wonderful and most useful.

After thoroughly understanding the principles of this science one can effect correct, clear and precise prediction without any confusion.

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Astrological Remedies


Know what gemstone can empower your planetary energy to give a life full of bright opportunity and auspicious occurrences. Gateway to lab-certified original gemstones to reduce negative vibes in your life.


The mystic power of Rudraksha beads hold elusive energy force that brings forth peace and fortune in the life of wearer of Siddh Rudraksha. Find your recommended Rudraksha for endless fortune.

Powerful Yantra

Powerful Yantra is ritualised by holy mantras. Therefore, it contains subtle cosmic energy and delivers sure success in the life of wearer. Get powerful Yantra for peace, growth, and fortune.

Locket Yantra

Available in different range, find out locket Yantra in accordance with astrological recommendation by our renowned astrologer, Shastri Ratan Chatterjee These lockets can impact your life in a more positive way.

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