About Us

About Us

Shastri Ratan Chatterjee B.Sc, Diploma Engg, Master Of Astro-palmisry, Jyotish Sastri Jyotirbid (Medalist), Jyotish Ratan Chatterjee K.P method (Horary), Palmistry, Hindu Horoscope Making And Expart Of TraditionalVastu-Art.

Former professor:- Indian institute of Astrology Kolkata. Principal : Vivekananda of Vedic Astrology Kolkata. Right From Childhood he had the power to Predict and he continuously pursued astrology and allied subjects with great vigor. Ratan chatterjee specializes in all forms of astrological predictions and has a special knack for Horary astrology. Horary astrology ,a branch of Hindu astrology is mysterious, Perfect ,wonderful and most useful. After thoroughly understanding the principles of this science one can effect correct, clear and precise prediction without any confusion. According to the science of astrology ,planets represent certain energies, in fact certain magnetic and electric fields which influence the lives of people. The horoscope is a map of the heavens at the time and place of birth which shows the positions of the planets and their relation to the new born baby. Astrology is the science which studies the combined influences of these stellar bodies on the human being.

In astrological language the planets indicate

  • The manner in which activities were performed in previous lives.
  • The manner in which they are thus likely to be performed in the present life.

The "houses" of the chart indicate specific areas in life in which actions will be performed ,and which will be strong or weak depending on the nature and situation of planets that influence them.

What is Hindu astrology ?

Hindu astrology (called "Jyotish" or the science of light ) comes to us from India since time pre-dating the christian era.It was perceived through enlightened vision by the ancient sage parasara,who is considered the original author of the vedic texts.

Hindu astrology is guided by the law of karma , which states that a human being lives and works within certain parameters created by action performed in period in lifetimes. Thus it is generally regarded as predictive in nature--it can show when the results of such prior actions will come to future in the present life .It also puts emphasis on the spiritual development of the individual and higher thought.

People in western countries have also become interested in Hindu astrology now and Hindu astrology is rapidly becoming known as a very effective tool in giving clarity to resolving the dilemmas of life. In order to provide such services to a global community, Kolkata for you has taken this initiative in providing you such services through our web site. To Help you understand the direction your life is taking your most important life themes and events ,along with their timings please send us your name ,date of birth, place of birth, time of birth by email. You can also ask upto 5 specific questions in your email .once we receive your cheque for US $ 50,your complete life readings along with answers to your specific questions will be emailed to you. Please mail your cheques or payment information to whatsapp.

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Kind Attention Principal : Vivekananda Institute of Vedic Astrology.
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